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  • Warning: due to COVID19, if you do not show up at the time of your appointment, it will be cancelled and if you wish to make another appointment, you must prepay it.


  • To protect our customers and staff, 1 person at a time (no children). 1 appointment per person. Due to COVID, we are not allowed to use ink. Electronic fingerprinting only.
  • Don't forget your face covering (it's the law). If you don't have one, we can sell you one (disposable) for $2.
  • When you arrive at the main door of the building, please call 514-360-4550 to have the door opened.

 If you want to cancel or change this appointment, please call 514-360-4550 x101 at least two hours in advance.


Thank you and remember to bring your smile and your good mood! Taking fingerprints doesn't hurt :)