PRIVACY ACT - RCMP National Repository entire holdings

Often required by USCIS (Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services).

Any questions or concerns, please consult USCIS

The report (not a certificate) is based on a fingerprint search and will contain a copy of the data in the National Repository of Criminal Records as it exists. A copy of your fingerprints is not included in the report. It will contain only that information permitted to be disclosed under federal law. The report you receive cannot be used as a certified copy of a criminal record as it will not have the official RCMP seal or format.

There is no obligation to share your criminal record information with a third party; however, if you decide to do so, you may be sharing information to which the third party would have no legal rights of access. The report could contain criminal record information, such as a record suspension (pardon or sealed youth record), that would not normally be disclosed during a criminal record check.