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The following form allows you to book an appointment to take your fingerprints to our office. Whether for a Canadian criminal record check or to have your fingerprints on paper, the XL-ID team will be pleased to serve you. Your email is essential to receive your confirmation.

Appointments with an invalid or no email address will be cancelled—1 appointment per person.



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Required Documents

Make sure to bring these documents when presenting yourself at our office:

  • two (2) different government-issued identification documents with your picture on it (ex: Passport, Driver's licence, etc). <-- NOT expired
  • If applicable, all files and/or letters requesting the criminal record check.

A technician will take your picture and fingerprints as per RCMP requirements.

RCMP Processing Time

The current processing time of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) can be found here: Processing times

Note that the RCMP (Headquarters) is located in Ottawa and uses Canada Post. Therefore, depending on the return address, it may take up to 7 additional business days until reception of the result in Canada.

XL-ID has neither control nor any other information once the electronic transaction is submitted to the RCMP. If you want to follow up while the RCMP is processing your application, you may contact the RCMP. We encourage you to wait at least four weeks before contacting them.


RCMP Fingerprints Certified Criminal Record Check 85$

The RCMP federal processing fee of 25$ is included in the above price.

Immigration to Canada (with the letter from Immigration and Citizenship Canada), RCMP Fingerprints Certified Criminal Record Check 60$

Optional services

  • Additional Certificate 55$
    Get a second official RCMP certificate with an RCMP seal on it.

Fingerprints on paper (without RCMP check) 50$

We take your fingerprints on RCMP's C216-C or FBI's FD258.

Optional services

  • Additional Copy 10$
    Get a second copy of your prints.


Prices do not include taxes.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, debit and cash.