Criminal Record Check - Fingerprinting

XL- ID is able to electronically transmit fingerprints to the royal canadian mounted police (RCMP) to obtain a certified Canadian criminal record check. This document is often required for immigration purposes , pre-employment , adoption, and other verification.

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UniDAC Civil

Management software to gather biographical and biometric data about a person in order to conduct a criminal background check.

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UniDAC Criminal

Criminal identity management software offering biometric comparison, handling NIST files and direct electronic link with higher police authorities.

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Secure accreditation and large event management.

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UniGEA Web

Online secure accreditations solution for special events requiring identity management and badging.

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COVID-19 - Update #2

We are open for fingerprint checks by mail. We are also open on certain days for electronic fingerprinting (livescan) at our offices. Check our appointment site for available days and times: Everything is disinfected between each appointment.

COVID-19 - Update #1

Due to Quebec regulations on COVID-19, our livescan operations (live fingerprinting in person at our office) are suspended until April 13, 2020.