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Montreal and Quebec city

If you are in Montreal and need a Canadian criminal record check, come see us at our office. We will take your fingerprints and electronically submit them to the RCMP for a fast processing.

Easy and Fast

We use an optical fingerprint reader instead of paper and ink.

We're Here to Help

Make sure to book an appointment and bring all the required documents.

Reasons to Get a Certified Criminal Record Check

Individuals are increasingly required to submit to a criminal record background check by governmental agencies and private companies who are now making it a selection criteria for potential employees. A criminal background check is also required for other official demands such as:

  • Employment
  • Volunteer work
  • Foreign travel - Visas, U.S. Waivers, Border Crossing
  • Applications for immigration to Canada
  • Applications for Canadian Citizenship
  • Applications to obtain criminal record to apply for a Pardon
  • Name change
  • Child adoptions - Canadian and International
  • Permanent residency in foreign countries (all countries except Canada)

Required Personal Information

  • your full name
  • date of birth
  • sex
  • home address
  • phone number
  • and/or fax number
  • and/or e-mail address

Required Documents

The following documents are required when presenting yourself at our office:

  • 2 (two) different government-issued identification document with photo (ex: Passport, Driver's licence). <-- NOT expired
  • If applicable, all files and/or letters requesting the criminal record check.

XL-ID will take your picture and fingerprints as per RCMP requirements.

Processing Time

Responses from the RCMP are usually in most cases mailed back to us (when applications are from out of the country) or directly to the customer. However if an anomaly or discrepancy is found during the verification process, it can take up to 120 business days (RCMP Processing Times).

XL-ID Solutions electronically submits of your fingerprints to the RCMP. If you have any question relating to status of your fingerprint record or fingerprints submission please contact RCMP at:

Phone: +1 613 998 6362 / Email:


Unable to get to our offices ?

If you are outside Montreal's region, you can always use our Fingerprinting By Mail service.

Benefits of Electronic Fingerprinting

Digital (electronic) fingerprinting consists of digitally acquiring a person’s fingerprints using an optical device.

There are several advantages to this method:

  • Non-Staining

    No ink is used, the prints are captured by an optical device. You will never get your fingers dirty.

  • Fast and Easy Process

    Capturing a full set of fingerprints, including both rolled and flat impressions of all ten fingers, is only a matter of minutes.

  • Instant Quality Check

    Each fingerprint gets analyzed to ensure the quality is adequate.

  • Get the Result Faster

    Electronic processing significantly reduces processing time when there is no match to an RCMP fingerprint holding.

RCMP Accredited

XL-ID Solutions is accredited by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  • to submit electronic fingerprints for the purposes of
    • criminal record checks
    • vulnerable sector checks
  • to receive fingerprints that have been taken on paper, convert them to electronic transactions, and submit them for processing
  • NIST standard 1.7.8.

Requests are submitted directly to the RCMP's Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS).