Fingerprinting By Mail (Fingerprints Card Scan - Quebec, Canada & International)

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This service is for people who can't come to our office and must submit their fingerprints for a Canadian criminal record check. Electronic fingerprint submissions to the RCMP are not allowed outside of Canada. Your fingerprints must be taken on paper by your local police force and sent to us. XL-ID Solutions will then digitize the paper fingerprints on our certified equipment and submit them electronically to RCMP.

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Why Choose XL-ID Solutions

For civil purposes, since July 1, 2014, the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services has returned all paper submissions to the originator and ONLY accepted electronic fingerprint submissions. However, electronic submissions to RCMP are NOT allowed outside of Canada. XL-ID Solutions is a Canadian company certified by the RCMP (direct connect) to receive fingerprints taken on paper outside of Canada, convert them to electronic transactions, and submit them to the RCMP for processing.