Criminal Record Check By Mail (International Card Scan)

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No need to come to our office

Send us your fingerprints taken on paper. We will digitize the fingerprints and submit them electronically to the RCMP for a fast processing.

Worldwide Express Shipping

We send the original certified Canadian criminal record check document back to any address worldwide using a secure and fast express courier service.



Authentication and Legalization of Canadian Criminal Background Checks from the RCMP

Several countries are requesting that certificates be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada (formerly the Department of Foreign Affairs), and legalized by their Embassy here in Canada. For the signatories to the Hague Convention, this process is called the Apostille. We can help you with in this process and you can choose this option on your order. 

For information on Vulnerable sector check, please read our "Frequently Asked Questions" section.

For information on Privacy Act, please read our "Frequently Asked Questions" section. You can choose this option on your order. Due to the sensitive nature of this request and despite our best efforts, RCMP could send the results directly to the residential address (instead of the stipulated shipping address).


Online Registration

We provide an online order form which can be filled in to obtain your Canadian criminal record check. Further instructions will be sent to you by email once you complete the form.

How to Proceed

The first step is to fill our online application form. The form will show you the price for the criminal record check determined by the return address of the result and the optional services you selected.

Note that some Required Documents can be uploaded to XL-ID during the online application.

An order number and additional information will be sent to your email once you successfully filled the online form.

You will have to get your fingerprints taken by a local police service or fingerprinting agency.

To facilitate the fingerprinting process XL-ID provides its own fingerprint form. You can download it from the Required Documents section.

If you already had your fingerprints taken, XL-ID may accept your local police's fingerprint card/form as long as the Fingerprint Form Requirements are met.

You will have to send your documents to XL-ID’s office:

XL-ID Solutions
Att: Fingerprinting Dept.,
5255 Henri-Bourassa BLVD West, Suite 208
Ville St-Laurent (Montreal), Quebec, Canada, H4R 2M6

We strongly recommend to use an express courier service to send us your documents.

Please make sure that all the Required Documents are included to avoid any delays.

Once we receive your documents, we try to process them as soon as possible. However, it may take several working days to send your fingerprints to the RCMP if we receive large volume of documents.

You may choose our “Priority Service” option in our online order form to get processed within one business day.

You can view the status of your order here.

Following the electronic transmission, the RCMP immediately proceeds with the criminal record check.

Note that RCMP has it's own Processing Time.

For Canadian return addresses, the result may be sent directly by the RCMP.

For international return addresses, XL-ID prefers to receive the result and ship it with its express courier service. This guarantees that the result will arrive much faster and you will get a tracking number.

You can choose this option in the Shipping Address Section of our online application form.

To ensure the best deliverability this step is required when the result is returned to an international address.

Xl-ID will receive your certificate from the RCMP, ensure it’s accurate and send it with our express courier service. You will get a tracking number by email.

At an additional cost, we will scan the certificate and send you a copy by email before shipping the original.

Required Documents

XL-ID requires the following documents when proceeding by mail from Canada or anywhere in the world:

  • Consent Form Allowing The Release of Your Criminal Record Check
    This form is always required except when the RCMP sends the results directly to your home.
    XL-ID Consent Form
  • Your Photo
    The photo will appear on the certificate. The only requirement is a white background.
  • Color Copy of a Government-Issued Identification Document
    The document must have your photo. Recommenced document: Passport.

  • A Secondary (Different From the First) Color Copy of a Government-Issued Identification Document
    The document must have your photo. Recommended documents: Driver's licence, National Identity Card.

You may submit a digital copy of your photo and identification documents using our online application form. However, you still need to mail the original fingerprint form and the consent form to XL-ID.

Fingerprint Form Requirements

XL-ID may accept your local police's fingerprint card/form as long as the following requirements are met. The fingerprints may be taken electronically and printed on paper. You can scan and email us your fingerprint form to confirm that the form is correct (with your order number).

Requirements for ALL Fingerprint Forms/Cards

  • Must be the original fingerprint form. Photocopies are not accepted.
  • The form must contain:
    • Personal information of the fingerprinted person (name, date of birth, …)
    • Name of the official who took the fingerprints
    • Name of the Police Station/Agency
    • Date when the prints were taken
  • Two full hands (4 fingers taken simultaneously) and two thumbs, all flat impressions.
  • Fingerprints should not exceed the designated box.
  • Fingerprint details should be clearly visible.
    Prints with too much ink, not enough ink or smudged cannot be processed by XL-ID.
  • Black ink should be used when not taken electronically.
  • All fingerprints should be on the same side of a single sheet of paper.

To facilitate the fingerprinting process XL-ID provides its own fingerprint form. You can download it from the Required Documents section. We encourage you to use this form whenever possible. A Special Format Fee may apply when not using this form and/or the requirements are not respected.

Additional requirements only for XL-216c:

  • Printed on A4 or letter size paper
  • The Police Agency section must be properly filled and readable.

Fingerprint Form Special Format Fee

XL-ID can accept all forms that respect the Fingerprint Form Requirements. The following forms are accepted without any additional cost:

  • XL-216c
  • C-216c (Canada / RCMP)
  • FD-258 (United-States / FBI)
  • Australian forms, except when thumbs are on the back.

However, a Special Format fee applies if your fingerprint form has any of the following characteristics:

  • Incorrectly printed fingerprint forms.
  • Thumbs are on the back.
  • Not all fingerprints are in the same direction (e.g. Thumbs are turned 90°).

The Special Format fee covers additional steps XL-ID’s technicians need to take to digitize correctly your fingerprint form.

RCMP Processing Time

Due to measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, RCMP is currently experiencing service delays. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The processing time of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is as following:

  • If there is NO match to an RCMP fingerprint record the result is mailed after 3 business days or less (Allow extra time for delivery by Canada Post.).
  • If there is a match to a criminal record, or if your fingerprints need to be processed manually for any reason, the processing time could be up to 120 days or longer.

Note that the RCMP (Headquarters) is located in Ottawa and ships with regular post. Therefore, depending on the return address, it may take approximately up to 7 additional business days until reception of the result.

XL-ID has no control and no additional information once the electronic transaction is submitted to the RCMP. If you want additional information during the time the RCMP is processing your application, please contact the RCMP directly. We encourage you to wait at least three weeks before contacting the RCMP about your order.

You can view the status of your order here.


RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check 125$

The RCMP federal processing fee of 25$ is included in the above price. Shipping and taxes are extra when applicable.
Express shipping price will be automatically calculated when you indicate the shipping address in our online form.

Optional services

  • Express Service 50$
    Your request is processed the next business day, or less, after reception of your documents.
  • Special Format 30$
    Applies when you fingerprint form is in a Special Format.
  • Scan & Email 25$
    Upon receipt of your certificate, we scan it and email it to you, before we send you the original by courier.
  • Additional Certificate 55$
    Get a second official RCMP certificate with RCMP seal.
  • Authentication
    RCMP certificate authenticated by Global Affairs Canada / DFAIT. The price of this service varies based on your needs. Contact Us for a quote.
  • Legalization or Apostille
    RCMP certificate legalized by Embassy / Consulate of the appropriate country. The price of this service varies based on your needs. Contact Us for a quote.

RCMP Accredited

XL-ID Solutions is accredited by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  • to submit electronic fingerprints for the purposes of
    • criminal record checks
    • vulnerable sector checks
  • to receive fingerprints that have been taken on paper, convert them to electronic transactions, and submit them for processing
  • NIST standard 1.7.8.

Requests are submitted directly to the RCMP's Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS).

Frequently Asked Questions

PRIVACY ACT - RCMP National Repository entire holdings

Often required by USCIS (Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services).

Any questions or concerns, please consult USCIS

The report (not a certificate) is based on a fingerprint search and will contain a copy of the data in the National Repository of Criminal Records as it exists. A copy of your fingerprints is not included in the report. It will contain only that information permitted to be disclosed under federal law. The report you receive cannot be used as a certified copy of a criminal record as it will not have the official RCMP seal or format.

There is no obligation to share your criminal record information with a third party; however, if you decide to do so, you may be sharing information to which the third party would have no legal rights of access. The report could contain criminal record information, such as a record suspension (pardon or sealed youth record), that would not normally be disclosed during a criminal record check.

I’m applying for Visa/Residence/Citizenship and I need to obtain a criminal record check from Canada, do you provide such a service?

Yes, we will submit electronically your request to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). You can either come to our office or fill an Online Application and send the Required Documents by mail from anywhere in the world.

How much does the criminal record check cost?

You can find the prices in our Online Application Form or in the Prices box above.

How much time does it take until I receive my criminal record check?

The whole process can take from 2 to 6 weeks or more.
Have a look at How To Proceed and the RCMP Processing Times for all the details.

Which documents are required for a RCMP Criminal Record Check?

You will find this information in the Required Documents section.

Can I send my fingerprint form by email?

No! The RCMP requires that we digitize the original paper form with our certified equipment. Therefore you must send it to us by mail.

You can send by email your form only to make sure it is acceptable (with your order number).

I already got my fingerprints taken on another form: do I need to get them taken on XL-ID’s fingerprint form?

Not necessarily. XL-ID may accept your local police's fingerprint card/form as long as the Fingerprint Form Requirements are met.

I didn’t upload any digital documents during my online application. Can I send them to XL-ID by email?

Yes, you can email your photo and identification documents. Note that you will still need to send the original fingerprint form to XL-ID.

I have already uploaded a digital copy of my photo via your web form, do I also need to attach a photo to my xl-216c form?

No, if you uploaded your photo and it's clear, we will use the digital copy.

What's the status of my order?

You can view the status of your order here.

What does the Criminal Record Check result delivered by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police look like?

It is a paper certificate containing your picture, name, address and four (4) fingerprint images. It will be written in French and English if a criminal record is found or not. However, if the result is found positive, a second page will be attached with all the details – it will be written in French or English, depending where you have been arrested. To ensure its authenticity, the document has an official RCMP embossed seal and signed by the Director General of the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services.

Vulnerable sector check

Getting a Vulnerable Sector Check is different than a criminal record check

  • A Vulnerable Sector Check is always initiated by a local police station in Canada.
  • Vulnerable sector checks must be conducted by the local Canadian police service where an applicant lives.
  • The hiring organization must make the request for a vulnerable sector check. The person being checked provides consent but does not make the request.
  • There is no federal legislation that requires any organization to conduct vulnerable sector checks. Contact your provincial or territorial government for more information.
  • Results of vulnerable sector checks are only made available to organizations located in Canada.
  • If the position does not meet the requirements of the Criminal Records Act for a vulnerable sector check, it is illegal for the police service to conduct one.
  • More information on RCMP web site.